The Lyon/Lalande 21185 System
The United Worlds Commonwealth
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The Lyon/Lalande 21185 star system is located in the volume of space named Core Space. The designated main world, Lyon is a cold world orbiting the gas giant Gwynifer in the outer reaches of the system. The entire system is a territory of the United Worlds Commonwealth.

System Data (As at 1 January 2661)

Orbit (In AUs) Name UPP Remarks
Primary Lalande 21185 M2V
  0.09 Latiffa Y300000-0
  0.39 Frida Y100000-0
  0.69 Sharra Y8A2000-0
  1.29 Lalande Belt Y000000-0
  2.49 Percival Gas Giant Size 85
    1   Ring System YR00000-0
    9   Tristan YS00000-0
  13   Ivanhoe Y200000-0
  22   Galahad Y310000-0
  25   Gawain YS00000-0
  4.89 Outer Belt Y000000-0
  9.70 Kai Gas Giant Size 100
    1   Ring System YR00000-0
    6   Mordred G6A0312-9
  14   Isolde Y100000-0
  25   Bedwyr Y100000-0
19.30 Gwynifar Gas Giant Size 86
  10   Nigel Y6A0000-0
  14   Mab Y200000-0
  25   Lancelot Y5A0000-0
*   29   Lyon D5A0314-A N De Lo Ni
  33   Grail Y100000-0
The Lyon/Lalande 21185 System